Why a Dual Throttle?

Why is the Dual Throttle the best solution to a tired thumb?

You mean, other than being by far the least expensive solution?
The Dual Throttle can be installed or removed in seconds and requires no tools or changes at all to the existing setup. Costly aftermarket twist throttle options require removing the grip, thumb throttle housing, taking the carburetor apart to attach a different cable, and purchasing a new set of (motorcycle) grips.

Some ATV’s have controls such as 4wd or reverse buttons built into the stock thumb throttle housing, in which case other options are not viable, but the Dual Throttle will work just fine.

Many ATV riders also do not like the riding characteristics of a full-time twist throttle, especially inexperienced riders who may accidentally “whiskey throttle”.  The Dual Throttle solves this by retaining your solid grip, and only twisting when you want to (or need to, due to thumb fatigue).

It is water and UV resistant, making it usable on Jetski’s which rarely have a full twist throttle option.